Chris, aged 11, changing the spark plugs on the Marcos LM1800 under the watchful eye of father, Jem Marsh

Career Highlights

  • Racing Formula Ford in the early 80s, including against Ayrton Senna
  • Winning Sebring 12hr with an Argo JM16 as Crew Chief in 1986, Mike Meyer Racing
  • Runner up, IMSA Group C, with an Argo JM16 as Crew Chief 1986
  • Runner up, Formula Ford Championships, 1987 as Crew Chief to Alain Menu
  • Finishing Le Mans 24hr in 1995 in the works Marcos LM600, as car developer, driver, and unofficial Team Principal
  • Runner up GT Championships in 1996 as occasional driver and Team Principal
  • Running Marcos from 1990 onwards; other roles over the previous decades
  • Developing and building a supercar from paper to reality in 6 months, Farbio 2008
  • Transitioning to the composite ultra-advanced design and build of electric cars, 2018
  • Driving at Le Mans Classic 2018, some 50 years after his father, in his father’s car, lighting the flame that led to Chris Marsh Racing…

With the racing pedigree  of both his father and grandfather, it was inevitable that the Marsh DNA would propel Chris deeply and passionately into the automotive world.  From his earliest years, Chris received the informal schooling that was supporting the racing endeavors of his father – from changing spark plugs under the watchful eye of Jem, through working in the pits as an 11 year old at race tracks across Europe.

Chris (4th place), A.Senna (2nd place), Formula Ford 1981

With his City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering qualification secured restoring historic cars in the Westbury TT workshops during the 1970s, Chris combined an intimate knowledge of the internals of a range of classic cars with racing any car he could get a drive in from Formula Fords against Aryton Senna to the iconic “Ugly Duckling” against his father!

After an initial stint at the family firm, Chris moved to the States and ran Argo JM16s in the Group C IMSA championships, winning Sebring 12 hours in 1986, and being runners up in the overall championship that year.

Chris in pole at Silverstone, Formula Ford 1982

The lure of European racing and Marcos pulled Chris back to the UK where he ran single seater Formula Ford and Vauxhall Lotus – including 2nd place at the Formula Ford festival behind Eddie Irvine.

A return to Marcos was inevitable and Chris ended up running the company until the turn of the century.   During his time Chris developed, built and raced the Le Mans GT Car but also finished runner up in the GT championship.   From fabrication to engineering and testing, Chris’s influence on all the Marcos road and race cars through the period was all encompassing.

The 21st century saw Chris turn his skills to the development & production of UK supercars – firstly the Invicta, and then the Farbio super car.  Moving further into the world of composites and high tec automotive engineering & manufacturing, Chris is now working on an ultra-light, ultra-fast electric car.

But a chance drive at Le Mans Classic 2018 saw the classic car racing bug taking hold once more and Chris Marsh Racing was born…

Winning Sebring 12h with an Argo in 1986 as Crew Chief
chris lm600
Chris and the LM600 following victory in the 1995 British GT Championships

Jump in, buckle up and enjoy the ride!