Driver Support

Through our partners we will ensure you receive the appropriate coaching to transform you from a speedy, quick reaction road driver to a racing driver.  
You will need the right relevant racing licences – but we can walk you through the process.  We also offer:

  • Mentoring: we can support you as you work through all the requirements to become a competitive classic racing car driver.   Chris Marsh offers tailored mentoring you as you prepare for your races.  Walk the course with him in advance, work out your braking and gear patterns.   Control all the factors that are within your control – prepare for your reactions to the unexpected factors!
  • Strength & fitness: these classic racing cars don’t have the power steering you may be used to in modern road cars.  A strong core will help you cope with the forces exerted on your body so you can stay focussed on your driving.  Equally, good cardio fitness will help – we will find the right cv training for you, and you can use your classic car hobby to help your overall fitness and strength! 
  • Nutrition: eating too much sugar or too many simple carbs?  Complement your strength and fitness work with a fueling strategy for you which will deliver results
  • Massage: regular sports massage in the run up to the big race days will supplement your strength and fitness work – and keep the chiropractor away!   We will even potentially bring our fantastic massage therapist to some of the races and your aching muscles will thank you.
  • Physio: if you do have specific injuries that we need to work around, we can connect you with specialist physios to provide you with the support you need
  • Sports Psychology: you may be at the top of your game in the boardroom, but being prepared to go toe to toe with a GT40 at 140mph is another thing entirely!  Make sure you are ready to deal with the overdrive adrenaline surges you are going to be exposed to in this sport.  

Pre-Race Camps

  • In the run-up to a big race, come and base yourself at the home of CMR for a few days – as your car is being prepared, to ensure you are equally well prepared! These intensive camps will focus on the physical and mental preparation for the races – as well as mentoring tailored to the specific race circuit you are about to embark upon.