Services for new to the sport

Potential owner/drivers

Have you always dreamt of being a race driver?  Do you emulate the heros of your childhood or current stars whilst hoofing your powerful modern car along public roads with its gadgets and gizmos, maybe occasionally enjoying track days?  You may even already be racing…Classic car racing is THE way to get into the world of motorsport and experience the thrill of racing in front of hundreds of thousands of people.  It doesn’t matter how old you are – you can do it.   You can make your childhood dreams come true.Be reunited with driving how it used to be in the old days – when cars were cars, and it was all about the driver, not the computer!  Compete bumper to bonnet with the greats of endurance racing – the scream of a GT40, the slightly throatier roar of a Ferrari as they re-create their battle for supremacy at Le Mans in the 1960s.Want to drive in front of 150,000 people at Le Mans?   We would love to help you achieve this dream…Chris Marsh Racing can tailor a package to ensure that you find the right car & the right pathway for you to achieve this:BEFORE THE RACES
  • Car Selection & Preparation: CMR will work with you to identify the right car for your experience – balancing your ambitions with a car that will deliver it for you.   We will then refurbish, restore, prepare & run your classic race car(s).  Although CMR are Marcos specialists with a unique risk management offer for Marcos owners, we have decades of experience with a range of marques
  •  CMR Race Ready: your car will be refurbished, restored and prepared with meticulous attention to detail so that it is CMR Race Ready.   Where possible CMR would prepare a full set of spares, including chassis and bodywork, so that if the unthinkable happens, we can rebuild your car and ensure that it stays in pristine racing condition
  • Full Racing support: Your car will be transported to the event, and prepared so you just need to sit in it.   You will have a dedicated team of mechanical & technical support
…and for you:
  • Driver preparation: For all drivers we offer a range of support services to ensure that you are prepared physically and psychologically for the very real physical challenge and adrenalin charged experience that is classic car racing. Don’t be fooled by the age of the cars – this is real racing!  See our Driver Support options for more information.
  • Hospitality: Give your friends, family and guests a day out they will never forget!   Even hardened corporate hospitality buffs will be bowled over when you are intimately connected with one (or more) of the cars that are racing at one of the iconic race circuits that CMR will be running.  See our Hospitality options for more information.
 Please contact us at so we can tailor the right package for you

Potential Owner: Syndicate Member

Maybe you love the idea of being involved in an exciting sport, but you don’t want to drive and you don’t want all the additional costs of racing?   From time to time, Chris Marsh Racing offers a unique opportunity to start your involvement in the sport through syndicating certain of its cars.

Syndication is based on the model used in the horseracing world, which allows owners to split cost and share the dream.  It offers an accessible entry point to the sport of Classic Car racing – offering the fun and excitement of classic car racing at prestigious locations, but at minimal risk & cost.

The noise, the buzz, the adrenalin are fantastic.   The difference between being a spectator and being involved as an owner is massive.   Imagine being able to bring your friends, family or colleagues along to watch YOUR car racing – to go and visit her in the pits.


Currently Chris Marsh Racing has the LM1800 is offered on a shared ownership basis through a syndicate.

  • Each Syndicate member would receive a certain percentage of shares in the car in exchange for the initial payment, which would enable the Syndicate to purchase the car and restore it/make it “Race Ready”.
    • Chris Marsh Racing would be the syndicate manager and would then be responsible for financing, management & risk management of the car’s racing.
    • Syndicate members would have limited on-going costs (for example, limited insurance only).
    • The syndicate would be ongoing but Syndicate members would be free to sell their share at any time subject to the Terms and Conditions
  • Each member would be kept up to date with restoration progress, and invited to visit the car. At the races, all Syndicate members will be treated as full owners including access to Hospitality options on offer.  Whilst CMR will do its best to secure and allocate tickets for all attending owners – there may be a ballot for popular events.
  • The primary purpose of participating in a classic race car syndicate or racing club is to experience the enjoyment of co-ownership of classic race cars, not necessarily in order to receive financial return.

If you are interested in becoming a Syndicate Member, for further information please contact us at

With 45 years in the automotive industry there is barely a make of car that Chris hasn’t repaired, rebuilt or raced.  All work undertaken by Chris Marsh Classics will be personally assured or undertaken by Chris